Friday 28/10/11 01:00 | Koncerthuset: Foyer Stage 2

Rapping, scratching and funking mobile sound system, powered by Afro-Columbian roots.

Joyful Afronauts of the Caribbean: Systema Solar raps, scratches, and funkifies Colombia’s Technicolor Coast, bringing together the country’s hip-hop and techno scenes and uniting them with Afro-Colombian roots. Built from creaky amps and sleek laptops by some of Colombia’s hottest rappers, techno DJs, percussionists, and video artists, this hard-working collective has been picking up awards and touring major festivals and venues worldwide seemingly non-stop for the last two years. Inspired by the mobile sound systems known as pikos and powered by the celebratory spirit of verbena, which animates parties from village to city, they speak out about injustice and call for change with a positive focus that in Columbia has united old folks and young hipsters, metal heads and Latin music lovers into an assault on the same dance floor.(Leer más)